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a person hiking up a hill with snow on the mountains in the backround
a mountain is reflected in the still water of a lake surrounded by wildflowers
Mt. Matterhorn
the mountain is covered in snow and green grass
Pictures: Beautiful Photos from Around the World | Expedia
a bicycle parked on the side of a mountain road
Path between Murren and Gimmelwald
red flowers are in the foreground with mountains in the background and picnic tables on the other side
a small pond surrounded by trees and grass
Apa neagră din Tinovul Mohoș
colorful trees stand in the foreground with mountains in the backgrounnd, and clouds in the sky
Dobrogea Mountains (Romania)[OC][940X643]
a stream running through a lush green valley
Winding mountain river flowing into the distance
the rolling hills are covered in green grass
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the mountains are covered with trees and grass
a mountain lake surrounded by trees and rocks
The Best (And Mostly Free!) Outdoor Activities in Banff, Canada - Adventure Together
a lake surrounded by trees in the fall
Photo by @macgirlamy69
a body of water surrounded by trees and fog in the distance with a bridge over it
Spring in the sunset light by Adrian Petrisor / 500px
the mountains are covered with trees and wildflowers in the foreground is a field full of tall grass
Filipe Moura on Twitter
a field full of yellow flowers under a blue sky