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an origami christmas tree made out of old book pages with black ribbon on top
Волшебство своими руками, или Елка из подручных средств: Идеи и вдохновение в журнале Ярмарки Мастеров
an open book with a christmas tree made out of folded paper and beads on the pages
Victorian Musician and the Tree Folded Book Art Sculpture - Etsy
a basket filled with lots of paper flowers on top of a table next to a wall
floral vase w/ ribbon wrapped around middle
an open book sitting on top of a table covered in butterflies
Fly Away - Book Sculpture
Here is my second book sculpture creation. I took an old mathematical table book that belonged to my dad when he attended engineering sc...
four pictures showing how to make paper flowers
How To Deck Your Halls With Literature
I have a very Christmas Threw Up In My House decorating aesthetic (it’s festive), and like any book lover worth my salt, I prefer to have books in, on, or around me at all times. The holidays are the perfect … Continued
a heart with the word hope inside it
This is my second attempt at the Combination method. I, again, wanted something simple but different. Using the free program, I made my pattern. HOME was a little small, but at least my pattern worked. Since there are no filler pages in the Combination method, I doubled by count to 352.
four different types of friends stickers on a white background, each with the word friend written
Book folding templates for a Friend
I have had many requests over the years for book folding templates that say Friend. I thought as I was making one anyway, I would pick three nice fonts and make it available to all. So here you go…
a black and white striped heart
Черное и белое
a black and white heart with lines in the shape of a striped heart on a white background
Book folding patronen
Boekvouw patroon "Hart" (Gratis)
the word love is made up of lines
Book folding templates, by request
I have a huge folder full of templates that I have made for people, various names, images, etc. What I can see is people, when given a choice, tend to pick the font that I think looks the nicest. …