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52 Inclusive Self Care Ideas for Mental Health
an info sheet describing how to use the internet
a tweet with a red circle in the middle of it that reads, i was today years old when i found this out
I was today years old when I found this out.... . Caitn ©caitlin_king1 - 2d Tweeting this cause it saved our lives. Never knew google scholar had the citations for u - ur welcome - iFunny
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Wolfram alpha is honestly a godsend. I used it so much. It’s a good 80% of how I was able to understand how calculus worked
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16 Sneaky Hacks That Will Make School Much Easier For You -
I don’t think it’s too controversial a statement to say that the last few weeks of school are, generally, a bit of a nightmare. Whether you’re in high school or college (or middle school, tbh) there’s something that happens once the weather starts getting warmer and the last day of school is in sight that makes the thought of showing up to school–let alone doing your schoolwork and studying for finals–seem nearly impossible.
the steps to start studying with text on it
Lets Get Motivated!
studylou: “ studylou: “how to start studying after school ” • clean up your desk: it’s hard to concentrate when there’s a pile of rubbish on your desk. the chance of you fiddling with things is...
the words in this poem are very difficult to read, but it doesn't look like
School Life Hacks : How to Make Your Paper/Word Count Longer ;)
an iphone screen showing the words to use instead of very important things in each language
The more you know - Teens Can Relate
The more you know
an article with the words types of study breaks for every situation
a red and black poster with words on it that say, i'm not going to
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When you're finished with an essay, copy and paste it into Google Translate, and listen to it. It's the easiest way to find mistakes.