Simona Constantin

Simona Constantin

Simona Constantin
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Sunflower tattoo

My mother always sang this song to me. She is always my sunshine when it feels as if everything else is cloudy and grey. Her favorite flower is the sunflower. My tattoo in memory of the most influential person in my life.

memorial tattoo with quote, love this to represent my peapaw and Stephanie

memorial tattoo with quote for mom, mom tattoo, tribute tattoo. My sister & I are thinking of getting matching tattoos to honor our mom.

simple tattoo design .  Heart for each child. Maybe add stem to make a shamrock?

Triskell clover tattoo flash, simple and an emerald or hunter green on the ankle. I'd make it a 4 leaf though


Extending down her entire left side, she has a beautiful phoenix tattoo inked in red, orange, yellow and purple. The phoenix tattoo is very large and is rather .