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Soda flavored lip gloss/balm - Pepsi wild cherry; Mtn Dew; found these at Walmart before Christmas 2012. Big enough as singles for AG dolls; I removed lipgloss & plastic piece inside, unscrewed bottom piece off (saved for cute Jello mold desserts) making them about the right size for Barbie playscale 2 L bottles! kj

New 5 Soda flavored lip gloss/balm Pepsi wild cherry soda bottle foodies Mtn Dew

Dew chapstick. Got this for the mans for christmas stocking stuffer. It really does smell like soda!

If you love the taste of Mountain Dew, you will love this flavored Lip Balm. Get your lips soft while tasting Mountain Dew! Apply smoothly and evenly. Get that Mountain Dew Flavor on your lips while they are getting soft.