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Table redo || Use moroccan stencils

I have a few jewelry boxes that are the Indian inlay. Look just like this and its why I love them, maybe could try it on the coffee table.Stencil an intricate inlay design on your table tops with CEStencils' Indian Inlay pattern

Using a dremel to carve designs.

Using a dremel to carve designs into wooden furniture that is already scuffed or damaged that you find for cheap at thrift or yard sale! Imagine if you burned inside the cuts? Then finished it? If only I could draw with a dremel

using a dremel to carve a design wood

Going to try this on the next thing I make even if it's a birdhouse. I will use my cricut to make the stencil so I can have any design I want. Home-Dzine - Uniquely carved furniture. I have no idea what a cricut is-jh