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a pink rose sitting on top of a table
a poem written in latin language with flowers on the bottom left hand corner and an image of a purple flower
Felicitari noi 8 martie 2016: pentru mama
a woman holding a bouquet of pink flowers in her hand with the sun behind her
a card with a bird sitting on top of a flower and the words, 1 martie ferici
a basket filled with flowers sitting on top of a table
a woman in a black dress is holding a red bag and standing next to the eiffel tower
some white and red flowers with green leaves
a drawing of a girl with blue eyes and braids on her head holding flowers
Legenda Mărțişorului - Actualitatea Online
Legenda Mărțişorului - Actualitatea Online
a piece of paper that has some flowers on it and is attached to the wall
a card with a teddy bear holding a candy bar
two hearts shaped like flowers with the words mama written on them in french and english