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Silvia Toma

București, România / Iubesc natura, animalele și călătoriile.
Silvia Toma
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Night flowers

Early morning reveals the night flowering of our cactus. The daylight show lasts for only a few hours before the flowers close and die. During the early stages of the wet season the cactus may undergo several flowering phases lasting for up to a week

~~Hepatica nobilis (Roundlobe hepatica) by Doug Sherman~~

Pink-flowering form of Hepatica nobilis var.The leaves when fully grown, look like clover.I have this color, light lavender and white.they grow in round form, love the shade, another one of forest finds

Northern Lights.

Dance of the Spirits: northern lights in the sky above Wapusk National Park, Manitoba, Canada. Cox has demonstrated what a photographer must do to keep people from stealing images and claiming that they're the ones who got the shots.

gypsy horse

Thanks for fluttering by for a visit. I share all things that I find beautiful here - from the fairytale realm to the enchantment found in nature. I hope you enjoy your visit!

Butterflies, (Parnassius apollo)

The Apollo or Mountain Apollo (Parnassius apollo) is a butterfly of the Papilionidae family. This species is of interest to entomologists due to the variety of subspecies, often only restricted to a specific valley in the Alps.