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Guys Christopher Columbus was trying to get to India going the opposite way so he wouldn't have to go around Africa but he found the Americas instead

... never forget you us more can

I might have erased your texts. But I will never forget what you wrote. We might have stopped talking, But I will never forget your voice. We might have stopped hugging, But I will never forget how you smell. Anything we did, I will never forget.

Dear EX...! Thanks for fucking up! I appreciate the false LOVE you showed me! It helped me to continue living my LIFE and learn to LOVE myself more, so I know now NOT to be with someone who doesn't truly LOVE me!!! I'm sure you'll find someone that loves you, but it won't be me! I'm done with pain, abuse, and manipulative behavior. I love myself not to be around anyone who don't truly care anymore! Wish you the best!

"There's only one me. Remember that." --- I can't hide or fake. I love myself too much to change the way I am. And I'll never come back to you once I decided to leave. I'm proud of myself, my decision and everything I do ❤

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