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cosmic witch: astrology based, works mainly at night. In case I want to write witchy things.

cosmic witch: astrology based, works mainly at night

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Runes were the most common Viking alphabet that was used not only to communicate but also to call for the connection and help from the deity. Maybe the strong connection with Norse pantheon earns Viking runes such great power and reputation.

This is a chart of the Runes and their meanings. I keep a copy of this in my BOS for reference occasionally. Between knowing the Tarot, then the Runes, a witch's brain does tend to get overloaded and need a cheat sheet.

Symbols ancient and magical alphabets. Celtic Tree alphabet (Ogham)in the middle. BLF, or BLN?

Found it finally!

bos This is a spell book for anyone's use but please do not use it for bad. It will have info on wicca and my own book of shadows entries. Bless met, Bless part, Have a Blessing Day.

And fall in love every chance you get!

(Just in case you can’t read the text on this image) Wash down your front door with warm water and a little essential oil of mint, to refresh the vibrations and welcome in luck, wealth and abundance. No mint oil? Peppermint tea works just as well!

Tips on how to remove negative energy

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Good to know for grandkids & livestock. Don’t want accidental ingestions. (Odd that azalea isn't on this list.)

The Wiccan/Pagan Times

Your Animal Spirit Guide for January 21 is The Raven – Witches Of The Craft® Spirit Animal Totem, Animal Spirit Guides, Animal Totems, Fox Spirit, Libra, Raven Art, Raven Totem, Crow Totem, Crow Art

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