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women will have sex with you if you buy them a ring. This perpetuates violence against women, since (1) it confirms the erroneous notion that women can be bought, & (2) women owe you sex when you buy them things.

This ad is appealing to the stereotype that women are supposed to submit to men and their worthiness is determined sexually. I picked this ad because of the double standard women have about not being sluts but also opening their legs.

Virgos like to keep it really clean and they are usually the "givers."Lie on your back, with your legs in the air forming a V-shape—this will give him the chance show off his, um, talents. Karine Basilio

There’s a million different reasons to have sex, but did you know there are also health benefits from it? Here are 13 reasons to have sex for your health!

Sensuous & Black

Just a typical young Dominican living in Texas, who loves a nice ass, guys in underwear, muscular Latinos, and all around good gay porn.

Things To Do, Things To Make

Ashley Madison® - Married Dating & Discreet encounters - Have An Affair

Married Dating & Discreet encounters - Have An Affair - Official Ashley Madison website

Rammstein: Pussy

Rammstein: Pussy