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50 things every woman must own.

50 things every woman must own!

50 things every woman must own, capsule wardrobe, minimal wardrobe, what to wear


Glenview Wedding at Valley Lo Club from Kina Wicks Photography

Lovely as all get out, this Valley Lo Club wedding by Kina Wicks Photography is practically perfection from start to finish. From the blue shoes for both Bride and Groom, to the energetic color ...

Give yourself a doll face. | 16 Super-Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Give yourself a doll face.

Cover your whole face, including your lips and eyelids, with foundation. Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks only. Run two thick black lines down either side of your nose and down from the corners of your mouth, then draw two black dots on either side of your mouth. Paint red lipstick in the center of your lips only; it helps to think of it like a heart-shape. With lash glue, carefully apply false lashes to both the top and bottom lash lines; finish with eyeshadow up to your brows and a…

DIY - Tie Dye Shorts

DIY: Tie Dye Shorts

Tie Dye Shorts by fashionistany featuring cut off shorts I really love the tie dye cutoff shorts trend for this summer but I can't reason with buying tie dye shorts that are $50 and up. I'm also a lazy person and could not see myself tie dyeing ...anything. The whole tie dye process is so long and tiring. So when I came across the SEI Tumble Dye I knew this was the right product for me and it was going to be soooooo easy to actually pull off this whole DIY project that I've been wanting to…

diy Lilly calculator


sweetasageorgiapeach: “ seashellsandchacos: “ My calculator #lillypulitzer ” WHY HAVEN’T I DONE THIS ”

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