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Philip kane

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Jacob Kane

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a black and white photo with the words my mother is shame of me written on it
graffiti on the side of a concrete wall that says, pro homo written in white spray paint
the words i'll get over it, just got to be dramatic first on a gray background
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the words darlin'i'm everybodys type are black on red background
Doc Holliday Quote by MysticalCrazy | Redbubble
Anton, You Make Me, Bpd
a black and white photo with the words i get mean when i'm nervous like a bad dog
cop car - mitski
the words just like her father, no please written in red on a black background
Fucked Up, Truth, Prompts
Feels, Still There, In This Moment
Rina Kent | International Bestselling Author
a man in a tuxedo with paper taped to his face and the words you are not who i thought were
Sketchbook Inspiration: Photo
the words nothing cuts like a mother are cut into small pieces with flowers on them
a young man sitting on top of a couch giving the thumbs up sign with both hands
Poetry, Anger, Rage, Vent Art
helpless automaton
a man wearing a vest and tie standing in front of a gray wall with his hands on his hips
David Gandy Colombia on Twitter
Sketches, Draw, Inspo, Aesthetic, Hart, Pretty, Drawing Reference, Resim
a sign that says baby doll you need some rock and roll
@sarafblondie | Twitter header aesthetic, Happy colors, Words
the words are in black and white on a piece of paper that says, veni vidi amavi we came saw we loved
two circles with words on them that say it seems our end is always self - made
a group of people walking down a street next to a white sheet on the ground
a black shirt that says hateful with a heart of gold
Verse, Crying, Mood, Homestuck
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