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Independent Jewllery Designer focused on original content with a message and positive outcome. I love to keep it original up to the limit of universe and after.All rights reserved numarul7
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NaturalHealingEarrings by numarul7

NaturalHealingEarrings by on Shapeways

Draco Dacian/Roman ensing by numarul7

Draco Dacian/Roman ensign by on Shapeways

LoveSplash ring size 8 U.S. by numarul7

LoveSplash ring size 8 U. by on Shapeways

QeensNest pendant/necklace by numarul7

QeensNest pendant/necklace by on Shapeways

Leaf kiss by numarul7'

Leaf kiss by on Shapeways

SacredScorpio ring size 8 U.S. by numarul7'

SacredScorpio ring size 8 U. by on Shapeways

SacredScorpio pendant  by numarul7'

SacredScorpio pendant by on Shapeways

LovesSplash by numarul7'

LoveSplash by on Shapeways

AriesShine by numarul7'

Check out AriesShine by on Shapeways and discover more printed products in Necklaces.

SacredScorpio earrings by numarul7'

SacredScorpio earrings by on Shapeways

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