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Random Fact Sheet #143 – 40 Unexpected Gems of Trivia to Impress Your Friends
01. The Wright brothers may not have done what they did if not for a hockey accident that sent Wilbur Wright into a depression, causing him to cancel his plans of going to Yale, and eventually open the bicycle shop with his brother. #science #knowledge #education #bird #didyouknow #ostrich
the top ten things you can do to save earth
50 Random Facts List #76 - Fact Republic
1. Hours before being killed by a massive heart attack at 51, actor James Gandolfini dined on a double order of fried king prawns and a pile of foie gras washed down with two piña colada, four shots of rum, and a couple of beers.
Chanakya, one of the oldest known economist added a tiny bit of poison in his King's food, without his knowledge, to immunize him from enemy assassination attempts. The king accidently killed his 8 months pregnant Queen by sharing his food. The Call Of The Void, Call Of The Void, Fact Republic, Steve Martin, The Void, Fitness Health, Next Door, Stand Up
36 Exhilarating Random Facts For Those Who Are Hard To Surprise – Part 255
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Fascinating Facts about ISS
01. The International Space station is the size of a football field and can be spotted in night sky, as it is the third brightest object in the sky and orbits around the world every 92 minutes. #iss #space #nasa #spacex #stephencolbert #stephenhawking #dna #humanbody #astronaut #factrepublic #wtffact #knowledge #funfact #interesting #facts #didyouknow #christmas #xmas #newyear
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30 Calamitous Facts About Volcanoes That’ll Blow Your Mind - Fact Republic
30 Calamitous Facts About Volcanoes That’ll Blow Your Mind - Fact Republic
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50 Random Facts List #10
01. Deep Purple was recognized by The Guinness Book of World Records as the "globe's loudest band" when in a concert at the London Rainbow Theatre their sound reached 117 dB. Three of their audience members were rendered unconscious. #music #band #didyouknow #interesting #popular #famous #celebrity #president #usa #america #unitedstates
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39 Marvelous Random Facts You Won’t Believe Are True | Random List #240 - Fact Republic
39 Marvelous Random Facts You Won’t Believe Are True | Random List #240 - Fact Republic
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The Secrets of Cinema: 40 Movie Details That Will Make You Love Films Even More – Part 5
Sripada (also known as Adam's Peak) is a 2,243 meters (7,359 ft) tall conical mountain located in central Sri Lanka, which is revered as a holy site by Buddhists (as the footprint of the Buddha), Hindus (that of Shiva), Muslims and Christians (that of Adam). Nature, Aoraki Mount Cook, Mount Cook, Adventure Nature, Facts For Kids, Mountain Travel, Mountain Range, Interesting Facts
21 Monumental Facts About Mountains That’ll Entertain Your Kids
1. The official height of New Zealand's Aoraki-Mount Cook had to be reduced by 10 meters in 1991 after its top fell off. #mountain #travel #living #world #adventure #nature
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44 Random Facts That’ll Make You Feel Instantly Smarter | Random List #170
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Tinseltown Trivia: 36 Facts About Hollywood Actors
01. In 2010, Chris Pratt joked about Steven Spielberg giving him the lead in Jurassic Park 4.
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38 Random Facts So Unbelievable You’ll Accuse Us of Lying - Part 209 - Fact Republic
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44 Interesting Details About NYC
01. Decommissioned New York City Subway cars are dumped into the ocean to provide homes for sea creatures.
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Random Fact #59 – 40 Odd and Amusing Trivia