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#30 Days to Montessori - a 30-minute a day guide to prepare your heart and home for Montessori. #30daystoMontessori

The start of the challenge hosted by Sugar, Spice and Glitter to help parents bring Montessori home, one day at a time, 30 minutes a day.

How many activities should I have out? - Montessori Toddler

Montessori on the Double & How we Montessori & Feeding the Soil & An Everyday Story & Mothers Abroad & 280 Dias Many parents ask how many activities they should have out. I had the same question when

40+ of the BEST Math and Literacy Activities for Preschoolers 3 & 4 Year Olds

Here is a huge collection of our favorite math and literacy learning activities for preschoolers and 4 year olds). So many ideas for hands-on learning and play! Literacy Activities Go on a Detective Alphabet Hunt – Hunt for letters with a magnifying g