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colorful streamers are hanging from the top of a pole in front of some trees
Wheel Scarecrow?
an orange plate sitting on top of a table next to other pots and pans
DIY Butterfly Puddler | Hearth and Vine
a white picket fence with lots of different types of birdbathes on top of it
bird bathes made from old ugly lamps
a potted planter sitting on top of a grass covered field next to a wooden barrel
there are three pictures of the same planter
a close up of a butterfly on a rock with text below it that reads, butterfly puddler sand & salt recipe
Feeding & Attracting Butterflies
there are four yellow bowls with food in them
a person in white gloves and orange socks is holding a pink plate on a blue stand
DIY – How To Make A Quick And Easy Birdbath Drip That Has Birds Flocking To It
the cover of how to make a butterfly water feeder and attract beneficial polliliators
How to Make a Butterfly Water Feeder — Empress of Dirt