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a little boy standing in the middle of a garden
Top 7 Tips for Getting Kids into the Garden - Garden Therapy
Gardening with children is a very rewarding experience, as long as you can get them out there in the first place! I have tons of tips about gardening for kids to encourage kids to go outside, get their hands in the dirt, and foster a love for nature. #kids #play #gardening #gardeningtips #gardenideas #nature #outdoors #gardentherapy
the back yard with steps and patio furniture is featured in this postcard for how we built a deck
We Built a Deck!: Free Online Deck Designer Software
Designing our deck with free online deck design software. Simple to use and lets you try out all your ideas. Build you deck for less - and also helps with comparing costs of different materials. Even gives you a materials list for comparison shopping. Lowes online deck design software review.
Garden decor for the Spring
Garden Pyramid Trellis from Scraps
Garden decor for the Spring
a young boy standing in the middle of a garden with text overlay that reads eco - anxiey how gardeners can make a difference
Roots of Resilience: Overcoming Eco-Anxiety in the Garden - Garden Therapy
From constant wildfires sweeping the country to dismal reports of the coral reef, it seems like all we hear about the environment is bad news. As a result, many people face eco-anxiety as a direct response. Here’s what we can do about eco-anxiety and how we can make a difference within our own garden. #EcoAnxiety #Gardening #Garden #PlayGarden #MentalHealth #Wellness #GardenTherapy
a kitchen with blue and white wallpaper, wicker furniture and an oven in the background
Patio Dining Furniture - How To Mix and Match Combos You'll Love!
Create a fabulous outdoor patio dining experience with unique furniture! Learn how to mix patio furniture for a fun outdoor style you'll love. See all my tips here: https://inspirationformoms.com/patio-dining-furniture-how-to-mix-match-combos/
how to grow oregano growing - propagating uses
Herbal Guide to Oregano: How to Grow & Harvest Origanum vulgare - Garden Therapy
Growing oregano gives you access to an herb there are countless uses for. This herb is easy to grow and offers a bounty of health benefits that every gardener can take advantage of. Here’s everything you need to know about how to grow and use oregano! #oregano #herbs #herb #herbgarden #garden #gardening #gardentips #gardenideas #growingguide #herbalguide #gardentherapy
a raised garden with pavers in the middle and text overlay that reads how to build a raised garden with pavers
How To Build A Raised Garden With Pavers
Learn how to build a raised garden with pavers that adds a fun architectural element to your yard. See my easy step-by-step tutorial here: https://inspirationformoms.com/build-raised-garden-with-pavers/ #flowerbedpavers #pavergarden
a hanging planter in the middle of a kitchen
DIY Planter Trellis - Perfect For Container Gardens
Grow the container garden of your dreams with this diy planter trellis. Perfect for tomatoes or any vining plant! #plantertrellis #trellis
how to make your own bird feeder
how to make your own bird feeder
the cover of 150 summer outdoor decor ideas with pictures of flowers and potted plants
Summer Outdoor Decor
Your Summer outdoor decor should be inviting. Take a look at these DIY Summertime projects and try a few.
some flowers that are growing in the grass with text overlay saying tips for growing zucchini
Tips for Growing Zucchini
Discover practical advice for growing zucchini in your garden! Our guide covers planting, care, and harvesting tips to help you cultivate healthy, delicious summer squash. Find out more on The Gardening Cook.
the different colors and sizes of wood planks for living room walls, flooring or furniture
Fence Stain Colors
Ready to stain your fence? Come check out the Behr stain colors we considered and what we ended up selecting. Fence Stain - Outdoor Stain Colors - Behr Stain Colors
a blue and white planter sitting on top of a table next to a fence
DIY hardware cloche
a close up of a wire fence with the words diy wire cloche from fencing
DIY wire cloche
the sun safety for gardener's book cover is shown with flowers and cucumbers
Sun Safety for Gardeners: How to Stay Safe in the Sun - Garden Therapy
Sun safety is often one of the more overlooked health aspects, but it is super important for people like gardeners who spend lots of their peak sun time outside. Here’s how to stay safe in the sun without cutting back on your gardening time. #Summer #SunSafety #Sunscreen #Flowers #FlowerGarden #Gardening #Nature #GardenTherapy