Writing ideas :)

a white dog sitting on top of a lush green field next to the words why is cow an instrument they're so cute
not mine
two texts that say, what u thinking about you always
two conversation bubbles with the words i'd rather see you in this text box
two texts that say, my hands are cold put them in my pants read 3 33 pm
two texts that have been written to each other in different languages, one says babe i need motivation not to kill anyone today
Winter + Damon
two texts are shown with the same caption in each one's speech bubbles
two text messages with one saying i'm drunk but listen, i'm gon na wife you up one day thats all good night
Will Grayson
a text message that reads, wish you lived with me so we could like map and f
two texts that say i miss your face and one says, come kiss it or sit on it or both
Want You, Wanted, Ogden, I Want You, Care
Couple Texts
Here’s Exactly How To Initiate Sexting, According To Sex Therapists