music=my life

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an image of two men with fake mustaches on their faces and the caption in french
cartoon characters are playing tennis on a hill with clouds in the sky and an ocean behind them
a man with long black hair wearing a baseball cap next to an anime character's face
Sata andagi or whatever tf she says
a man holding a guitar and making a face with an emoticive expression on his face
a bowl of soup with a man's face in it
serj soup
a table that has some words on it
an image of a yellow egg with drums on it and the words korn written in black
three cartoon characters are standing together in front of a green background with the word korn on it
KORN teletubies!
a man with a beard and mustache standing in front of a large cityscape
an ancient statue with the words daron makalan on it's face
I’m not wrong here
a man with his mouth open making a funny face