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The divorce rate in America is plummeting. That means that there’s never been a better time to laugh at a good-humored marriage joke!

35 Hilarious Jokes About Marriage That Every Married Couple Can Relate To

The divorce rate in America is plummeting. That means that there’s never been a better time to laugh at a good-humored marriage joke!

For women who get pregnant in their teens, it’s almost never planned.

Man Tracks Down His Biological Mother And Shows Up At Her Half Marathon

They were reunited 35 years later!

We’ve all seen photos that appear to be one way, but are actually completely different. All it takes to is come clever angles, a camera, and some willing participants to create a photo that completely tricks people. The people in these 40 photos, so exactly that and the pictures they make are way too cool to miss!

40 Photos that show how angles completely change things

Pictures aren't always what they seem.

Taylor Muhl realized that her skin was unique when she was a little girl at dance class.  She would look at all the other children and notice that her belly looked different than theirs.

Woman Born With An Unusual Birthmark Finds Out She's Her Own Twin

Taylor had a unique birthmark. Half her torso was a different pigment. It wasn't until she was an adult that she discovered the truth about it.

The Swiss army knife is one of the worlds most ubiquitous tools, precisely because it’s so versatile. One tool with dozens of functions, what’s not to love?  That same quality is what makes Christina Bianco the absolute powerhouse of talent that she is!

Singer’s Impressions Of Stars Singing ‘80’S Song Is Hilarious

The longer this goes the funnier it gets.

Let’s get right to it. This is a fantastic dance on ice. It is stunning and beautiful to watch in that it almost seems like these two dancers know each other so well. As captivating and as riveting as it all is, here’s the story.

Couple Captivates With Beautiful Ice Dance To “Perfect”

The ending is especially touching.

Baby milestones. Perhaps some of the happiest, proudest moments of mom and dad’s lives. The little bundle of joy is basically a fresh, blank page of a human being whose pages are going to get filled with unpredictable moments. That’s why new parents always have their phones and cameras ready.

10-Week-Old Baby Says “I Love You” To Daddy

Aww, this is just too precious.

There are a lot of things about having a teen that can leave a parent lying awake at night. One, of course, is the thought of them driving. But since that day will inevitably come where they’ll be ready to get behind the wheel – all we can do is teach them well and try and provide them with a safe vehicle.

Dad Finds Note In Glovebox Of Car He Buys For Daughter

"I won’t lie, I shed a few tears."

Life can sometimes be a little bit more challenging for people who have lost an arm, leg, or pinky toe, but just because they’ve lost a body part doesn’t mean they’ve lost their sense of humor. In fact, some amputees are uniquely suited to having more fun than “two-legged freaks” with their cheeky jokes!

50 people who lost their limbs but not their sense of humor

Their sense of humor is on point.

If you’re remodeling or upgrading your home, you should definitely hold onto your unwanted doors. There are tons of ways you can easily upcycle them and create cool projects around your home that look like they were crafted by professionals or came from a fancy store.

It Might Seem Nuts At First, But It's Actually Brilliant To Hang Your Door Like This

This might seem crazy, but it is actually brilliant.

A baby’s birth brings about pain then joy, followed by instantaneous love at first sight. Babies are squishy and cuddly with that delicious new baby scent.

Mom Shocked When Doctor Tells Mom's 12-Yr-Old Daughter To Deliver Baby

The tween will never forget that day.

Some high school stories are just way too funny to not tell anyone. Twitter user Kiran the Nomad from Huntsville, Alabama, apparently thought the same thing when he decided to write a couple of tweets about a particularly funny story that happened to him when he was just twelve years old.

12-Year-Old Has Best Response To Girlfriend Telling Him She's Pregnant

He had the best response to being told he knocked her up.

In life, sometimes people do or say something that misses the mark. Other times, they’re spot-on. Here, we have 50 times when people on the internet nailed it. Most of these are hilarious, perfect for putting a smile on your face. Check them out and try not to laugh!

50 People Nailing Their Situations In A Funny Way

People of all ages and even animals get in on this.

Did you know that your skull is made up of 29 different bones? Most people think that it’s just the skull and jaw, however, there are actually dozens of different moving parts involved. It’s pretty crazy, but that’s just one of the fascinating facts you’ll learn about in this list.

76 Exceptionally Fascinating Facts About The Human Body

Think about that next time you kiss someone.

Being body-positive is such an inspiring trait that all women should strive to have. You gotta admire a woman who absolutely feels comfortable in her own skin! Although there are still some folks who ignorantly rant over the imperfections of women and the need to live up to impossible beauty standards, there are still people and organizations who support body positivity in women.

25 amazing plus-size brands that celebrate body positivity

These brands support body positivity and we can't help but be amazed with what they can offer!

Anyone who’s shopped at a thrift store will know the excitement of finding a beautiful peace of clothing for an unbelievable price, and returning home with a smugness like you’ve managed to con the item into your shopping bag.

Thrifty woman finds consignment shop clothes for $1 each, and turns them into charming outfits

Some of these are incredible!