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Alice In Wonderland ~ Quote artwork ~ Typography Created for Macmillan’s special Alice in Wonderland books, they showcase the genius of Lewis Carroll. These have also been paid the ultimate compliment by Alice fans .

The ultimate list of cleaning tips and tricks for the home! I suppose I've been cleaning my household the hard way for most of my life. Spring cleaning here I come!

32 Makeup Tips That Nobody Told You About. Probably the best thing I've ever pined

It's called tightlining, ladies. It gives your eyes definition without looking like you are wearing any makeup at all. Makeup Tips That Nobody Told You About

27 Gloriously Simple Things That'll Save You So Much Money

27 Gloriously Simple Things That'll Save You So Much Money // Most of these aren't weird things you'd rather not be seen using michigan programmatic search test

Homemade Christmas cards Planning on making these? Let us know at

Use card stock and misc buttons to make your own Christmas cards. The card stock can be bought at Walmart, etc. or at most any craft store. The buttons come in bags at most craft, hobby, or fabric stores.

Martha's Paper-Plate Angel: Trace a paper angel shape onto a plate with a fluted edge, + cut out with a utility knife. two cuts for wings are different, one made from inside out, other from outside in. Embellish edge of plate with one or two decorative hole punches. With angel facing you, shape her skirt into a circle; slide outside cut over inside one to make wings. Curl some paper around a narrow rod, such as a skewer, + make a name card. Secure it in her hands with a dab from a glue…

DIY angel place settings made from paper plates.I'd use a more elaborate plate or scrapbook paper template. (Not sure about the angel angle, but without the wings it would make the perfect little lady to hold a place card.