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a woman standing in the dark with her hand on her chin
a woman swimming under water with the words where i am?
"where i am?"
a person holding a rose in their hand with the words roman on it and an image of a woman's hands
Book Banner: Ronan
a woman sitting in the back seat of a car with her hair blowing in the wind
Explorare. Amores. Animi.
an artistic background with watercolors and ink on paper, including the words in different languages
Cuvinte ce schimbă sufletul
a poem written in spanish on a black and white background, with flowers around it
Interviuri: Cuvinte pentru suflet
four different books with the same title in each book, one is red hair and two are white
bookmarks designed by Lynn_Taylor
an old time town with mountains in the background
“Gendeste. Trage. Tinteste!"
two women dressed in period costumes and one has a quote from the book, the world can burn in wars as long as you are my soul has peace
Renegade and Chosen
many different pictures of people with hats and scarves
Anne with an E