Crochet patterns

Crochet patterns for handbags, sweaters, socks, scarves, hats, slippers, and much more
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a woman is sitting on the ground wearing white pants and a crocheted top
Top Romanite | Senpolia handmade
Top daisies
a woman standing in front of a wall wearing a white sweater and grey pants with her hands on her hips
Openwork crochet sweater | Senpolia handmade
Hemstitch crocheted sweater
a woman standing in front of a pink wall wearing a black lace dress and holding her hand on her chest
Crochet tunic dress
Crocheted tunic dress
a woman with blonde hair wearing a white top
Crochet blouse with rhombus pattern | Senpolia handmade
Crocheted blouse with rhombus pattern
a woman is sitting down with her hand on her chin
Summer crochet jacket | Senpolia handmade
Crocheted summer jacket
Mint color sweater Poncho Pattern, Crochet Top, Crochet Poncho Patterns, Crochet Poncho, Double Crochet
Mint colored sweater | Senpolia handmade
Mint color sweater
a woman sitting on top of a chair talking on a cell phone
Crocheted sweater with long sleeves | Senpolia handmade
Crocheted sweater with long sleeve
a woman standing in front of a flower arrangement wearing a yellow crochet top
Yellow crochet blouse | Senpolia handmade
Yellow crocheted blouse
a woman wearing a white crochet top and colorful accessories
Crochet blouse | Senpolia handmade
Crocheted blouse
a woman in black jacket and skirt posing for the camera with her hands on her hips
Gray crochet skirt | Senpolia handmade
Grey crocheted skirt
a woman is standing on a dirt road wearing a crocheted dress and sandals
Safari dress | Senpolia handmade
Safari Dress
a white crocheted shawl on top of a mannequin headdress
Crochet cape | Senpolia handmade
Crocheted Cape
a woman in white shorts and a top with crocheted patterns on it, posing for the camera
Top crocheted in the corners | Senpolia handmade
Top crocheted in corners
a young woman is standing in the grass with her back to the camera and smiling
Blouse with lily pattern | Senpolia handmade
Blouse with lilies pattern
a woman with curly hair wearing a colorful top and green miniskirt, smiling at the camera
Brightly colored summer blouse | Senpolia handmade
Colorful summer blouse