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a wooden structure with curved sides and curves
BIG's 2016 Serpentine Pavilion and the new Summer Houses make their public debut
three wooden benches sitting on top of a white surface
Heatherwick Studio | Design & Architecture | Maggie's Yorkshire
Urban, House Design, Beijing, Interior Architecture, Interior Architecture Design
penda crafts curved timber garden house for wood artist in beijing
an arch shaped building in the middle of a dirt area with benches around it and trees on either side
BUGA Wood Pavilion: Überzeugende Weiterentwicklung | Espazium
a wooden bench sitting in the middle of a park filled with trees and flowers on either side of it
Pin on playgrounds
an unusual building made out of wood and metal
Wood Pavilion #1 by LIN Architecture
an unusual building made out of wood and metal
Ergonomic Cabin Stripped Down to Embrace Human Behavior
wooden benches are arranged in the shape of hexagons on a deck outside