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Hello dears my name is, Jane. Jane bloodbath, (( nickname)) I love blood, every color, black -white red -purple. I just love the taste I am a vamp \ angel an unholy child of God that is here to take the lives of the believers

imagínense de que el que esta en medio es Eridan y los otros 2 son Sollux  y Feferi

This is how it feels to be the third wheel >>> As they get closer, you are being torn apart. The guy who's about to get torn apart is the male version of me.

Já ouvi falar de um demônio capaz de encorporar as mulheres mais frágeis e desoladas, usando-as como meio de saciar sua sede de crueldade. Eles vidas mais miseráveis, e vingam-se dos que lhe fizeram mal, assim criando um vínculo muito difícil de se quebrar.

I would've busted the fuck out and fly away what the fuck of fuckery oh my shit days.-<---- this person obviously doesn't watch gore. Fuck that was kinda funny.