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a black and white photo with the words people do not just slip into christianity, faith in jesus must be chosen
chose this day who you will serve...i always ask myself each day. Me? or God? somedays it's tough.
a black and white photo with the words, your talent is god's gift to you
Using the Gifts God Gave Us
a black background with the words do not let the world take god out of your life
Thanks for following.🙏🏾#christianwomenlevelup #blackwomenempowered #fyi #share
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Cover your children in prayer everyday @Jlady32
a close up of a cat with a bible verse on it's back ground
an image of the sky and clouds with a quote on it saying nothing that has happened to you is surprise to god
a black and white poster with the words what i love about god is he will confirm things to you in ways that only you will understand
a red and black sign that says repentance is not when you cry, repentance is when you change
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