The Carpathians

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the sky is very cloudy and there are trees in the background
Rarău Peak - 1650 m
a view of the mountains with clouds and trees
Rarău Cabin
the mountains are covered in trees and clouds as the sun is setting on top of them
Lady's Cliffs at Rarău Mountain (Alt: 1500 m)
a man standing on top of a lush green hillside next to a forest filled with trees
Runc Mountain, Vatra Dornei (Alt: ~ 1100 m)
there are clouds in the sky above mountains and grass on the ground, with an open field below
The Bucegi Plateau (Alt: ~2000 m)
a wooden bench sitting on top of a snow covered slope
a dirt road surrounded by trees and mountains
On the way to Horses Falls ( 90 m)
there is a long road going through the mountains with trees on both sides and a mountain in the distance
The Prislop Pass - 1,416 m
a green valley with trees and mountains in the background on a sunny day, there is a small cabin at the bottom of the hill
Borsa, Maramures, July 2012