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a person is holding some kind of device in their hand
A Couple of Great Tools….
A Couple of Great Tools….
two wooden earrings are sitting on a table
Want, Need, Love
Laser Cut Wooden Earrings - Cream from The Raven & the Writing Desk | Made By Marissa Heldoorn | 12.95 | Bouf
a wooden ring sitting on top of a piece of wood with the words, wood ring out of oak shavings
How to make Wood Ring with Oak shavings
Wooden ring out of Oak shavings - YouTube
an image of some kind of furniture that looks like it is made out of wood
Making Wooden Handbag
Making Wooden Handbag - Woodworking Plans and Projects |
several different types of surfboards stacked on top of each other in the same photo
Coin Ring | The Ring Tree
Designer Nicholas Heckaman of The Ring Tree meticulously handcrafts detailed rings out of US coins. The Gainesville, Florida-based designer first discovered his skill when he was looking for the perfect ring to propose to his girlfriend with. He managed to create a special engagement ring out of a silver coin with a hammer and “a lot of patience.”