Busnelli : hypnose

Busnelli - Hypnose - Large lines that recall the art of Botero, evocative and emotional references, translated in a contemporany piece. Designed by Castello Lagravinese

Busnelli : arpege

Busnelli - Arpege - Sweet lines running along smooth curves remarked by a succession of fascinating nails; an unique interpretation in its gender, from an antique charm, accentuated by the soft falling cover. Designed by Castello Lagravinese

Busnelli : lady B

Wide and enveloping armchair with the three-dimensional texture. Ampia e avvolgente poltrona dalla texture tridimensionale sapientemente intagliata nel cuoio.

Busnelli : kim

Discover all the information about the product Traditional sofa / cotton / / beige KIM - BUSNELLI and find where you can buy it.

Busnelli : midnight

Busnelli : midnight