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Cellular World   8 x 10 print, cells, abstract, botany, science
Cross Section of Woody Stem
Green in The Fine Store #beautiful
An entry from Cup of Tea
AM Artworks - "La chica del lago". This photo links into the way the enivroment has been mistreated by peopel and how we must live in harmoney with the world to continue sustainably.
Haunting.  Creepy but kind oe peaceful.  Mesmerizing really. Who are you little girl?
Dwarf Fountain Grass, Pennisetum alopecuroides 'Hameln' looks like a spray of thick, dark green foliage sprouting gracefully from the ground. Compact and round, the stems elegantly arch on all sides g
Best Sellers - Cotton Candy Grass. This colorful ornamental grass creates a sweet, pink cloud in the back of a sunny border or as a stand-alone specimen in a perennial bed. Blooms appear in late summer. A dependable variety, Cotton Candy Grass tolerates heat, humidity, drought and wet conditions with ease. This gorgeous plant has it all – it provides gorgeous foliage throughout the year, is adaptable to practically every climate and can even grow in poor soil.
My #Numerology Life Path #11
Life Path No 11