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a cat is playing with a frisbee on its head and it's paw
an orange cat yawning while laying on its back in a bed with the caption neata lumeee
a cat that is laying down with its paws in the air
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the words are written in different languages and have emoticions on them, as well as smiley faces
Un englez, un francez și un român se laudă cu nevestele lor: "Soția mea este o lady, este ...
two children standing in a kitchen with dirt on the floor
Funny baby pictures with original captions
Raise your hand if this baby is a better dancer than you🙋😂
Can someone please translate what they're saying😜
Wait here for a sec, I gotta jump in this puddle.
a baby wearing a hat and holding his hands up in front of some orange flowers
So cute baby
two small children standing next to each other on a sidewalk with one holding the hand of another
So funny baby
two babies sitting next to each other on the floor
Twin baby girls fight over pacifier
Omg ❤️