sato the queen

sato the queen

sato the queen
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Apolo e Dafne - Bernini, 1622-1624. Marble.

Apollo and Daphne life-sized marble sculpture by Italian Gian Lorenzo Bernini housed in the Galleria Borghese in Rome. This is an amazing sculpture.

lucifer statue - what an amazing work of art. It's all in the details - you almost can't believe it is stone...

Le génie du mal - Lucifer sculpture by Guillaume Geefs. The Genius of Evil. Though the original was destroyed because the church believed women would find themselves attracted to Lucifer, a copy now sits in St.

The Oath of Spartacus,Louis-Ernest Barrias, 1871Jardins des Tuileries, Paris

antonio-m: “ The Oath of Spartacus, Louis-Ernest Barrias, 1871 Jardins des Tuileries, Paris ”

Hygeia ,   1st century

Hygeia - State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg, Russia, Roman copy of Greek statue. Hygeia (Good Health personified) sits feeding a serpent from a bowl.