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looking up at the tops of trees with a circular object in the middle surrounded by stars
~Sensuelle's Picture Book~ on imgfave
a baby turtle crawling out of the sand
Follow the Baby Sea Turtle
purple flowers with the words live love laugh
At least im able to do one of those....
many pink and yellow tulips in a field
Longwood Gardens: A Botanical Wonderland in Pennsylvania - Ferreting Out the Fun
Tulip fields at Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania // www.ferretingoutthefun.com
a small turtle sitting on top of a persons hand
Pure Science = Raw Awesome
Teenage mutant ninja turtle?
a baby turtle crawling out of the sand
Baby Leatherback Sea Turtle
a bouquet of roses with butterflies on the bottom and words in spanish above it that says,
Nail Art Tools for Sale - eBay
20 Water Slide Nail Art Transfer Platinum Rose Full Nail 4 Sizes Trending