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SINGING TIME IDEA: i heart primary music: Iiahona game, they get the answer right they get to pick the song


Primary Singing Time Ideas and Printables for LDS Primary Music Choristers

primary program script and tips

I know my Savior Lives: Primary Program Script & Tips - Party Like a Cherry

2015 I know my Savior lives: Primary Program script and tips along with tips for a smooth event

SINGING TIME IDEA: super simple pointer with pom poms... how have i never thought of this!?

Cute things for the classroom! | Adventures in Teaching

I’ve been getting pretty crafty in my room lately, and I just wanted to share my stuff with you guys! Enjoy! :) My sister gave me some wooden letters that spelled out my name when I graduated from college, and I finally got around to painting them! I didn’t even want to attempt to paintRead more

Primary Singing Ideas: Motivation

Primary Singing Ideas

a compilation of singing time ideas for primary, some our own, but most from other sites and places. We'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas. E-mail at

Mystery Box. I made this for the primary kids at church. Each drawer will have a review question from this months lessons (or a song to sing), and a little treat.  LDS sharing time

Mystery Box - Sweet Shoppe Gallery

I made this for the primary kids at church. Each draw will have a review question from this months lessons (or a song to sing), and a little treat. Me by Misty Cato Acrylic Button Alpha by Cafe J (retired), This is a discussion forum powered by vBulletin. To find out about vBulletin, go to .

Primary Singing Time

Primary Singing Time

Today I decided to do something for Halloween for singing time since Stake Conference is the Sunday before Halloween this year. I called it "Purrrfect Singing". I have these cute wooden cutouts that you stick into pumpkins. I bought them at a boutique years ago. I told the kids that I wanted them to be purrfect singers today and if they weren't, they would be monster singers. I pulled out my wood cutouts of the cat and I also have one of a Frankenstein. The idea is to have them sing…

SINGING TIME IDEA: marshmallows in a bowl game.                                         Great idea for review of songs

Primary Singing Time

I'm a Mean Old Witch With a HAT! Halloween! (Both songs) There's No Such Thing as a Witch This week we have a primary activity and we are going to sing these to the parents. I would have to say by far the kids love "A mean old witch with a Hat" and "Halloween" (The one with witches sailing through the sky). I remember singing these in primary when I was a little girl. My kids love them, and my primary kids too! My son told me this is the first year we have ever sung them, and I'm glad I…

Do As I'm Doing pickables What a great idea for music time so "spinning in a circle" isn't the only one ever picked!

Do As I'm Doing - 276

Do As I'm Doing, the classic fun song! Kids often have a hard time picking something to do for Do As I'm Doing, or they pick the same ones o...

Grandma Music's LDS Resources: Happy New Year, dear Music Friends!

Happy New Year, dear Music Friends!

Here are some materials for the Primary 2014 music curriculum from my annual workshop (see below). My intent is to save you some time and share ideas for teaching. First, I have made a monthly outline of all the songs needed for each month, in singing time or sharing time. You could schedule them as opening songs so that they are ready when needed in a sharing time activity. The outline is made from the “short list” of songs that are available worldwide—so that is why some obvious songs that…

SINGING TIME IDEA: Tic Tac Toe idea for singing time. Great one to use over and over again.

LDS Primary Music Time Game & Idea - Tic Tac Toe | Live Craft Eat

Use this simple but effective and fun tic tac toe game for primary music time or family home evening to keep your kids engaged and learning.

i heart primary music: Get children to watch Chorister with "All Eyes on Me"

i heart primary music

Primary Singing Time Ideas and Printables for LDS Primary Music Choristers

SINGING TIME IDEA: Penny Games - I like the last one for repeating songs (practice)

If The Savior Stood Beside Me - Penny Games Lesson Plan

image source, Wikipedia LEARN THE SONG - If the Savior Stood Beside Me Put word strips up one by one. After all are up - ask the children to take them down (roll a die to see how many to take down). Until they are gone. *MAYBE USE THE FLIP CHARTS FROM OCD CHORISTER Repeat for all 3 verses. EXPLAIN A good way to remember something is to put a penny in your shoe. Then, whenever you feel the penny you’ll remember whatever it is you’re supposed to remember. At the end of Primary I’m going to…

Who? Who? Who is ready for Primary Singing Time? Back to school time of year.

Primary Music Idea - WHO'S Ready for Back 2 School???

WHO - - WHO - - WHO - - WHO ??? WHO is READY 4 BACK 2 SCHOOL??? I'm sure you are starting to hear some HOOTING about going BACK 2 SCHOOL as we are here locally. Some of the children in Central Florida are already back in school. The State of Florida decided a few years ago to SAVE OUR SUMMERS so our children have one more week until venturing back. They are all so excited and this is even what we are noticing in our Primary so I decided that it would be fun this week to see WHO WAS READY FOR…

Magic Singing Stars - kids who sing well get a star and at the end get to come up and hold it for the last song.

Singing Stars

I made the Singing Stars (basically laminated stars with a popsicle stick handle) to help enforce reverence. During singing time children who are being reverent singers get a Singing Star. At the end of singing time, when we sing a reverence song to get them ready for sharing time, all the children with stars can come to the front of the room and hold them up while we sing. They really love this, and it helps them stay reverent during singing time because they all want a Singing Star. The…

I know many people have tried Musical primary kids LOVE it! I usually start by putting them on me and telling the children if they sing well they will "catch" the measles. I enlist the Primary Presidency to go around and spread them to some of the children. Then I give some to the teachers and while we sing the teachers add musical measles to the children in each class who are singing well. Finally, I give some to the kids who are singing well (EVERYONE by that time!) and the…

A Case of the Musical Measles

Musical Measles are a fun way to have a choose and review day. I handed sheets of stickers to the teachers, so that they could determine who was singing well. The more they sang, the more "measles" they would get. We sang some favorites in Jr. Primary and reviewed this month's song. The little ones really tried hard to participate this week, it was nice. In Sr. Primary we had Janice Kapp Perry day and sang songs of hers from the songbook, plus Holding Hands Around the World. They also did a…

Drop clothespins into a jar from a height. Separate starburst into bowls by color (2 bags starburst at least)

Minute to Win It!

I saw this idea here a few months ago and couldn't wait to use it the next time we had a 5th sunday. (on the 5th sunday, we spend the whole...