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an artist's rendering of a house in the middle of a river surrounded by trees
circular treehouse modules by manuel mosquera embrace forest trees in france
two pictures side by side, one with elephants and the other with people on horseback
bangkok project studio creates 'cultural courtyard' for elephants + humans in thailand
two people are standing in the woods with trees and houses on stilts above them
studio shanil proposes tree house modules clustered into 'enchanting nests'
an artist's rendering of a floating restaurant in the middle of a large body of water
heatherwick studio proposes 'the cove' for san francisco's waterfront
a small white building in the middle of some trees and bushes with a fire hydrant on it's side
rick abelen builds a 6sqm look-out house complete with periscope in rural belgium
an unusual building with curved metal panels on the outside
carmody groarke designs circular aluminum pavilion for temporary theater in hamburg
two pictures side by side one has a shower and the other has plants
boano prišmontas' prefab work-from-home pod can be placed within any backyard garden
a house on top of a rocky hill with trees in the background and cloudy sky
cantilevered hammock completes the off-grid 'lost whiskey' cabin by greenspur in the US
two images side by side with people walking in and out of the building
SOM plans zhuhai's 'jiuzhou bay' neighborhood with modular canopies + supertall skyscraper
an unusual house in the woods at night
LMTLS proposes the 'château-scope' treehouse to frame views of a french castle
an island in the middle of the ocean
floating modular housing proposal encourages self-sufficient lifestyle in kiribati
several people sitting on beach chairs under colorful umbrellas
dome installation made out of colorful umbrellas decorates beach on brazil
two images side by side one shows a house and the other shows a garden area
live among the trees with these modular treehouses designed for 8 forested sites in france
two pictures side by side one has a house and the other has an open floor plan
this net-zero shipping container home in colorado is up for sale for USD$3.15M
children playing on a wooden structure in the grass
matthijs la roi architects builds a cedar-clad 'rain amplifier' in a belgian forest