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two pictures of boats in the water and one has a building on it's side
rafael viñoly architects designs a new waterfront residential complex for washington DC
a black house with a wooden roof and windows
AL PEPE architects uses local timber and an archetypal form for HD house in france
an outdoor area with tables and benches overlooking the ocean in front of a white building
whitewashed & stone-clad cubic volumes form holiday house in sifnos island, greece
an old stone house surrounded by trees in the woods
COA arquitectura's cozy stone DSA dwellings are huddled among the woods of jalisco
an empty street in front of a tall building with lots of bikes parked on the side
OMA conceives tencent's beijing headquarters as a small vertical city
the building is made of concrete and has a circular design on it's side
tadao ando completes 'he art museum' in china ahead of october 2020 opening
a horse standing next to a tree in front of a white building with wooden doors
the ranch mine transforms neglected horse farm into secluded respite in arizona
two pictures side by side one shows a tall building and the other shows a futuristic city
rescubika proposes the world’s tallest carbon sink tower in new york: the mandragore
an aerial view of a city with tall buildings in the foreground and a church on the other side
steven holl-designed 'kinder building' for the museum of fine arts, houston prepares to open
two pictures side by side with grass and trees in the foreground, one showing an outside patio
sommet's concrete 'casa 54' in bolivia photographed by cristóbal palma
an old building with some stairs leading up to the second floor and green plants growing on the other side
n maeda atelier develops 'enishi resort villa' in taiwan using brainwave technology
an exterior view of a building with palm trees in the foreground and lights on
university building in florida by ikon.5 architects conveys movement, flight + aerodynamics
an outdoor swimming pool surrounded by trees and plants with a wooden deck leading to it
caceres + tous sets exposed concrete 'house BK' amid bali's lush natural landscape
two people standing in an open courtyard area with plants and fish swimming on the water
TAA design develops house in vietnam around central, tree-planted courtyard
an alley way between two buildings with plants growing on the sides and blue sky in the background
meandering paths wind through two coastal houses designed by react architects in paros, greece