1940s ~ World War II Years

WWII involved virtually every part of the world. Germany's Adolf Hitler, leader of the Nazi party, had come to power & Germans aggressively pursued ambitions…
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PART ONE--World War II

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British Declaration Of War 1939 - COMPLETE Broadcast
The Invasion of Poland Wasn't Hitler's First Aggression. Here's Why That Move Marked the Beginning of WWII

WW II: 1939-1940

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Battle-hardened veterans of Desert Rats stride along a desert track. The British troops who defeated Rommel in North Africa came from virtually every corner of the Empire. Englishmen fought alongside wiry Gurkhas from Nepal and bearded Sikhs from India, as well as Scots, Canadians, Australians, South Africans and New Zealanders.
Hellmut von Leipzig in North Africa when he served as Rommel's driver. When the Afrikakorps were forced out of North Africa, von Leipzig went to officer training school in Plattenburg. In 1944 he was fighting with the Brandenburg Division on the Eastern front. He was awarded the Knight’s Cross on 28th April 1945.


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World War II: The Pacific Islands - The Atlantic
A 1942 photograph of Naomi Parker Fraley that was the likely inspiration for the Rosie the Riveter poster. - The New York Times


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A little Czech girl from Praha plays with the captain of a tank unit after the liberation of the city.WWII
Jimmy Stewart during WWII
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Chronicle on D-Day

D-Day June 6, 1944

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"Homecoming Marine" October 1945
Faced with the massive destruction and the shock from the Soviet joining the war the Japanese emperor ordered his government to surrender. This day is known as V-J Day.

Johnny Came Marching Home Again-Hoorah!

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Anne Frank: The fence of the Auschwitz I camp. The building of the camp kitchen is visible in the background (further in the background Block 25).
We remember

Holocaust (See much more on "Past Tense" Board)

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Air Raid Patrol Wardens

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Argosy July 1944 edition. Women enlisted in the war and they hit the newsstands.  What they did was take normal day tasks and make them include the war.
Long Beach, CA 1942
A rescue worker comforting a very small child amid air raid damage - WWII

On the Homefront

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A member of the British Women's Auxiliary Air Force is shown with make-up as an experiment by the popular British weekly tabloid newspaper Reveille to see whether women in the military forces should be permitted to wear make-up while in uniform, following criticism of a Red Cross nurse who had done so (February 1, 1941).

Beauty is Your Duty

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Story is, Jimmy told his mother after his first date with Rosalynn, "That's the girl I want to marry." In 1945, at the end of her first year of college, when Jimmy was home from the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, they started going out and in 1946, they wed.
A New York Times bestseller, The Conquerors reveals how Franklin Roosevelt's and Harry Truman's private struggles with their aides and Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin affected the unfolding of the Holocaust and the fate of vanquished Nazi Germany.With monumental fairness and balance, The Conquerors shows how Roosevelt privately refused desperate pleas to speak out directly against the Holocaust, to save Jewish refugees, and to explore the possible bombing of Auschwitz to stop the killing. Th

Notable People

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1940s Usa War Bonds Depression Savings Drawing - 1940s Usa War Bonds Depression Savings Fine Art Print

Wartime Posters & Ads

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How To Pack Lunch Boxes For War Workers

Food's Role in the War

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Rationing/Making Do With Less

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Jan 1945 - The Australian Women's Weekly magazine...women in uniform

World War and Fashion

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Rita not only served from home but visited 300 cities in War Bond drives

Pretty Faces & Pin Up Girls

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25 entrañables fotografías antiguas que muestran la cara más feliz de la historia - Cultura Inquieta

Love and War

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size: 12x9in Giclee Print: "Army, Navy and Marines," Saturday Evening Post Cover, November 13, 1937 by John E. Sheridan : Artists
LIFE PEARL HARBOR Magazine. Collectors Edition 2011.  | #myfreedommyfamily
Vintage Life Magazine April 16, 1945- General Dwight D. Eisenhower

Wartime Magazine Covers

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My father-in-law somewhere between D-Day landing at Utah Beach in Normandy and the Battle of the Bulge. Note his pet dog. This dog traveled with Norman and his best friend, Leo Collins, as the marched across Europe.
Norman and Leo were a part of the 1st Engineer Special Brigade and this monument marks the spot where they came ashore on Utah Beach during the D-Day operation. Leo wrote in his memoirs that bullets were flying all around he & Norman as they made their way ashore and advanced inland. They spent that first night in a hole with a grate over them & survived. Their job was to locate and destroy land minds ahead of advancing troops.
These two became like brothers during the war. Leo returned to Oklahoma and became quite wealthy in the oil industry. When Mike's dad died in 1964 (at only 42 years old), a day later, out of the blue, Leo called to check on Norman to be told he had died the day before. Leo said he FELT that something was wrong. That's how close they were.

Norman Jones-Tracing his Trek 75 years later

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Bess Myerson crowned first Jewish Miss America

Notable Civilians

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"Goodnight Children, Everywhere" (Vera Lynn, 1940). Most London children were evacuated to the countryside after the Second World War began in earnest--Vera Lynn recorded this morale-boosting song early in 1940 for the dispersed kids (and their parents back in the city).
Vera Lynn After The Rain
ON A WING AND A PRAYER...Song Spinners 1943

Wartime Music

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Coca Cola vintage ad.                                                       …

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