Zipper Repair

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a sewing machine with the words how to use a rolled hem foot
How to Use a Rolled Hem Foot {HEMMER FOOT}
rolled hem foot, hemmer foot, narrow hem foot
how to make zipper tabs with fabric and buttons on the bottom, in several different ways
Zipper Tabs & Anatomy 101 | How To
Zipper tabs are functional, plus can add a creative and decorative detail. Perfect for neatening the end of the zipper on a zipper bag or pouch. If your bag zippers dip in at the end, then you NEED this tutorial. Learn how to reduce a zipper and the anatomy of a nylon zipper on The Sewing Loft
someone using scissors to repair a zipper that doesn't close the teeth
Fix a Zipper that Doesn't Close
VIDEO: Anytime A Zipper Broke I’d Throw The Item Away. Then I Learned THIS Trick To Fix Any Zipper – AWM