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We need to fix the stigma behind the word stoner, we are not lazy ass people that don't want to be productive, we love cannabis and live our lives while enjoying cannabis!

Stupid and stoned are two different things. You can act stupid while being stoned. Can't act stoned while being stupid.

But If You're Cool, You Probably Smoke Weed From

A study on the affects of marijuana suggests blood sugar control and other health benefits can come from smoking the popular plant. The study was released on Thursday revealing that pot smokers have .

Felix smokes weed. Want a different way to enjoy cannabis? Make your own delicious Dragon Teeth mints or Cannabis chocolates; small candies you can take and use anytime, any place! MARIJUANA - Guide to Buying, Growing, Harvesting, and Making Medical Marij

Big problem with never giving a shit. this life needs us to give a shit and make some sober, adult important decision. and here comes Felix not giving a shit about shit. Good luck with your happy, calm, quality life. Shot to hell.