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30 thought-provoking questions to help you become more self-aware

If you are looking to improve your life and become more self-aware, then let these 30 thought-provoking questions guide you to see how you respond to certain life situations, so that you can figure out what works and what doesn't, and make positive change

Opening up

People are generally more honest when physically tired. This is why people confess things during late night conversations.

The Gentleman's Guide #152

The Gentleman’s Guide No But instead of princess, treat me like a human being.

Ben Franklin Effect

Ben Franklin Effect (I would say to make the favor practical and easily achievable so they don't get frustrated at you instead)

Fun Psychology facts here! by AislingH

Fun Psychology facts here! You mean to tell me you think this fact is FUN? Nothing about depression is fun. Not a single angle of it. Even if that was on psychological things, and not depression. It shouldn't be marked as a FUN fact.

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It is never about me being right and you being wrong. It is always about listening with respect to anothers opinion.

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