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Beginner Advanced Couple Workout Compilation
Compilation of my favorite beginner and advanced home workouts with my boo Kathleen Hope this helps you too ❤️ #homeworkout #beginneradvanced #coupleworkout #indoorworkout
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leg day warm up
my warm up⬇️ 1️⃣ Squat to Lunge Rotation 12 reps 2️⃣ Squat Hamstring Stretch 15 reps 3️⃣ Kneeling to Half Split Rocks 12 reps each side 4️⃣ Deep Squat Shifts 30 seconds 5️⃣ Knees to the floor 12 reps 6️⃣ Tabletop Hip Circle 8 reps each side 7️⃣ 90/90 Stretch 16 reps 8️⃣ Frog 12 reps with hip rotation It can be used as a leg day warm up or lower body mobility routine ( Cc: - @olesia__shevchuk ) #warmup #legdaywarmup #lowerbodywarmup #hipwarmup #legwarmup
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Barre Strong with Emily Sferra
Home workout for weight loss
How To Lose Belly Fat 42 LBS in 40 Days!
if you want to lose weigth fast without exercise and workout then click on the pinabove and start your weight loss journey | pweight loss tips |foods for losing weight | lose weight fast |how can i lose weight |losingweight ideas | how do i lose weight #fitnessgoals #fitnessgirl #weightlossfood #fitnessgoals #fitness
#workout #fitness