Toy story room

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there is a large quilt made to look like it has many different colors and shapes
Toy story, nemo, monsters inc and wall-e inspired puff quilt...I want to try to make this for Ben!! Ashley? But less purple and more greens:)
the trash can has been decorated with colorful beads and magnets on it's lid
DiY WALL-E's EVE - from a Trash Can!
the road to pixar is made out of blocks with a lamp on top
Interview with The Road to Pixar crew
Pixar y Pizza Planet truck
a red table with a cartoon character painted on it and some snacks in front of the door
Incredibles Themed Book shelf was so easy. I took a plain white build it yourself book shelf and spray painted it red. Then I used the Incredibles logo and free handed the logo on each sise of the book shelf and the top and then sprayed it with sealer to waterproof it. Turned out grear for my boys pixar themed room.
a neon sign that says pizza prima on it
a man in a cowboy hat is holding his hand up to his ear and looking at the camera