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a man standing on top of a tall building while holding onto the side of it
117 Reasons Why Women Live Longer Than Men (New Pics)
When you place a brake down warning in the middle of the lane (!)
Video: Why Workplace Safety Needs Your Help
How Much is Your Life Worth?
Danger Surrounds a Forklift Truck
Forklift Safety and Your Shortcut
a street light with palm trees in the background
How really tall palm trees are cut - WTF
a man driving a forklift in an empty warehouse with cardboard boxes on the back
two men are standing on the balconies of an apartment building and one man is running
Man scales building to save dangling child
the man is standing on the train tracks
Awesome - He is not dieded
a man on a ladder is painting the outside of an apartment building with balconies
The Only Answer is More Ladders
a van parked in front of a building under construction
FAIL Blog - construction - page 5 - construction
a large building with scaffolding on the side of it's roof next to a street
a man on a scaffold working on the side of a brick building next to a parking lot