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My Physics Practical at Home, please don't try
Bouncing Bubbles - Children Story Time
✨Check out these bouncing bubbles from our mommy @ashtonbledsoe0! ✨ Would you try these at home at home? Let us know in the comments! 🌈
Difficulty: Easy This was a HUGE hit with my kids and also so easy to make!🙌🏻 MATERIALS used: • 👉🏻 Toiletpaper rolls • (Our colored rolls are from @hobbylobby) • 👉🏻 Clear tape • 👉🏻 Scissors • 👉🏻 Permanent markers 👉🏻 🔦 Flashlight HOW TO: • 👉🏻 Cover one end of the toilerpaper roll with a piece of box tape • 👉🏻 Draw any picture with permanent markers on the tape • 👉🏻 Trim the edges with a scissor • 👉🏻 Go to a dark area/room • 👉🏻 Cover the open end with a flashlight and shine the images on a clear area/wall •
How to Make Colored 🧂Salt Using a Recycled ♻️ Jar
Improve concentration
COMMENT any emoji if you want to see more of such activities. TRY this simple activity to work on hand eye coordination, improve focus and concentration and color recognition. credits: learnwithkidscrafts •
Patterns Game - Fun activity!
Entertaining toddler kids activity bunny
Air Dry Clay Mosaics for Kids
a child's hands are decorating some flowers on a table with other items
two brown and white paper bags sitting on top of a table next to twine spools
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