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Yale-trained physician talks about why she chose home birth. This is a fantastic article that really captures the heart of a lot of women who choose home birth. They are making an educated decision, and they deserve our respect.

Pregnancy: Pregnant doctors are less likely than other women to deliver their babies via C-section, recent research suggests. Economists say that may be because the physician patients feel more empowered to question the obstetrician.

For the Midwife in you!

My mother's mother was a midwife. My mother was the youngest of ten children - I would say she was experienced in the field of birthing children;

”A heart warming account of life as a midwife, from Maria deciding to become a midwife at 15 after her youngest brother was born to fainting during the first three labours she attended as a student. The journey sees Maria transform into an assured and accomplished midwife.

SUCH A GREAT READ! Midwifery Online - Tales of a Midwife - Maria really opens her heart and allows people a real insight into the world of Midwifery.