polish folk art

Polish Folk Art // Beautifully colourful design // I have a nostalgic affection for European folk art. I enjoy original pieces as well as designs inspired by original works.

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Belarusian Ruchnik A ruchnik is a traditional ornamental towel. This towel is a piece of textile which embodies many significant concepts within Belarusian life. In fact the ruchnik are a highly important part of the national culture.


Norwegian knitting style from Garnstudio. Free knitting pattern with crochet insert. My kinda style!

framed Cactus Rose quilt block from Pennsylvania is on display at the American Folk Art Museum. The maker is unknown, dated 1855-1865

Cactus Rose block (circa 1855 - was exhibited in the Lincoln Center AFAM facility. This piece was the gift of Irwin Nelson in honor of Robert Bishop