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a vase filled with white and blue flowers
Fruits of My Labor
Fruits of My Labor
DIY TRADER JOE’S FLOWER ARRANGEMENT | how to create a flower bouquet like a florist
How I create my DIY flower bouquets from Trader Joe’s: • Add flower food to my water • Remove leaves from the flowers that will be below the water line (or any others that I think aesthetically it would look better without — I want the focus on flowers not leaves!) • For roses, I remove the outer petals that are usually a bit dirty, then gently open up the petals of the remaining rose with my fingers. I want to loosen the flower a little, but not ruin its bloom prematurely! • Style layers accordingly as I did in the video. • For additional help, floral foam, chicken wire, or the “tape trick” can be useful for spacing out your flowers, especially if you are using fewer stems and need to fill the vase evenly. For more flower inspiration, follow @morgan.yates on Instagram // @morgan
the best plants for the bedroom info sheet on pink background with black and white text
These Are The Plants You Should Have In Your Bedroom | Collective Gen
the best plants to put in your bathroom are labeled with their names and pictures,
A Guide To The Best Plants For Your Bathroom | Collective Gen
a bouquet of flowers sitting on top of a white cloth covered table next to a blue sky
Farm Fresh Flowers – DIY Monthly Subscription | Enjoy Flowers
pink peonies are in a clear vase on a table next to a potted plant
pink carnations in a glass vase on a table
pink flowers in a vase on a window sill next to a candle and mirror
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