Aprender a como combinar tu traje y tus zapatos es la lección más importante que aprenderás en la vida.

17 Guías visuales de estilo que todo hombre necesita en su vida

How to pick the perfect pair of shoes for every color suit Read more: www.alles für den Gentleman - www.

10 uses for newspaper!

101 New Uses for Everyday Things

Removing Bad Smell From Refrigerator. Ball up Newspaper and stuff into refrigerator. Change out papers every 2 hours until smell is gone! IT WORKS!

How To Fold A Men’s Dress Shirt – Travel Tips For Folding Shirts (via @antoniocenteno)

How To Fold A Men's Dress Shirt

10 New Uses for Lemon

101 New Uses for Everyday Things

101 New Uses for Everyday Things The multitasking hall of fame Lemon Newspaper Olive Oil Dryer Sheets Coffee Filters Velcro Vinegar Baking Soda Ziploc Bags Salt

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Collars and Cuffs.a Man must learn when ordering T-Shirts. AK’s Guide to Suits An introduction to the finer details of menswear, and how to get them right.