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four bags with different designs on them and one has a dog in the middle, two are
Модели жаккардового вязания и интарсии со схемами
an image of a couch with a blanket and crochet pattern on the back
Chainless Turning Double Crochet Easiest way to start your rows, no gaps guaranteed 🌈💟
an orange and white bag with a black cat on the front hanging from it's side
8 Cat Bag Crochet Patterns Free and Paid - Page 2 of 2
an orange crocheted triangle is next to a pair of scissors and the pattern
Guirlandes et leurs grilles gratuites ! - Fleurs et Applications au Crochet
Fastening off closed crochet projects
Invisible decrease with single crochet
The invisible decrease method is great for projects that are worked in rounds. Instead of skipping a stitch and therefore creating a small gap, you insert your hook in the front loop of the next stitch, then in the front loop of the second next stitch, yarn over, pull it through both front loops, and yarn over, and pull through the remaining two loops on your hook. This way you achieve a neat looking decrease without any gaps.
two crocheted purses hanging on a wall with flowers in the vase next to them